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Kimono Lessons

Wearing Kimono

Both “着物” kimono and “clothes” mean things to wear (cover the body). However, when you were little, you were taught how to put on your T-shirts and button your pants. With the correct instruction, to wear kimono can become just as natural. Of course, you’re not child anymore, but learning to wear kimono is no different from learning how to wear western clothes.

Kimono wearing lessons are available. We offer both individual and group lessons. If you’d like to do that, please use the contact form to tell us a little about yourself or your group, so we can create best kimono experience for you.

Kimono Consultation

Whether you are a costumer, designer, artist, or anyone else interested in kimono, we can meet with you to help answer your questions about kimono history, construction, and styles. Prices negotiable on a project-by-project basis. Please contact us and let us know the nature and scope of your project.

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