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1. Is it okay for a non-Japanese person to wear kimono or yukata?

Yes! In the United States, we understand there is concern with appropriating other cultures. However, from wedding gowns and suits to flip flops and blue jeans, Japan’s fashion has been enriched by cultural exchange. Therefore, most Japanese we know are very happy to see non-Japanese enjoying kimono.

2. What do Japanese people think about a non-Japanese person wearing kimono or yukata?

Japanese people love to see non-Japanese wearing kimono. When non-Japanese show an interest in understanding and learning about kimono, it makes Japanese people want to help them.

3. Should non-Japanese fashion designers explore kimono?

Of course! Although Japan has a long, unbroken cultural tradition, part of that tradition has always welcomed new ideas. Even now, designers throughout the world incorporate kimono into their own fashions. Kachou-kimono offers consultation and training to any designers who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of kimono.

4. Doesn’t wearing kimono or yukata make you overheat?

Kimono are very airy, with open seams in the back and under the sleeves. Silk is a living, breathing fiber, remaining cool in the summer. Also, cotton and linen yukata are classic summer wear.

5. Are yukata and kimono different?

Yes. While they are similar in some ways, yukata are made from unlined cotton, and generally worn in the summer, while kimono are made from silk, worn in more layers, and are heavier to wear.

6. Where/ when to wear it?

To us, the kimono is part of everyday life. Please do the same! We welcome pictures and stories from people who make kimono part of their lives, too.

7. Do you have larger sizes?

Yes, we do. Just let us know!

8. How should I store my kimono?

Although some people hang them on hangers, we recommend neatly fold them to prevent wrinkling and keep them in closet. Mothballs can be used to protect the fabric from pests. We provide storage instruction to every client.

9. How do I wear yukata?

At first glance, wearing a yukata can seem intimidating, but fear not! We offer dressing services and lessons, and also provide instructions so you can wear it on your own.

10. How do I wear kimono?

Come to our studio for a fitting! We can also go to you.

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