2.13.2018    EAST MEETS WEST

Kachou-kimono is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with Pickled Vintage. Pickled Vintage shares our desire to bring the finest selection of vintage fashions to you. To see Kachou-kimono presented in a new way, or to explore their full collection of vintage clothing and accessories, please visit



This October, Kachou Kimono decided to do something different and present some of our kimono at the world-famous Rose Bowl Flea Market. Although the Rose Bowl is not a typical place to feature fine kimono, we wanted to share our kimono with the 20,000 people who attend the flea market every month.

Of course, many people were aware of Japanese kimono, but most had never worn nor even seen someone wearing kimono. We answered many questions, took many pictures, and even fitted a few visitors in authentic kimono from the Showa and Taisho periods.

Here are some pictures of our Rose Bowl booth. One person mentioned when she arrived at the Rose Bowl, that she “never imagined she would end up wearing something so amazing.”

Comments like that bring smiles to our faces. All in all, it was a lot of fun! We would like to thank the organizers and other vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for welcoming us and our visitors for being so enthusiastic about Kachou Kimono.